• September 16-20

    9/15 We will celebrate DOT day, please have your child wear something with dots 
    9/20 Scholastic Book Orders Due
    9/23 First Quarter Progress Reports (please sign & return in the provided folder)
    9/26 Johnny Appleseed (please send in 1 apple with your child next week)  We will be making homemade applesauce
    9/27 PTA Family Movie Night 6:00-8:00 (outside)
    10/3 Make-up Day for pictures
    10/7-10/11 Fall Break
    Did you know you can get an email every time your child takes an AR test?  Go to the HomeConnect icon and log in with your child's credentials and enter your email address.   Students should strive to reach their AR goal in the next few weeks, as our 9 weeks will end before Fall Break. We have multiple times to take an AR test each day, but it is also one of our Reading stations.  
    ELA Unit 1 Week 5 Families Working Together (see attached for more details)
    Math Complete Topic 3, test on Thursday
    Timed Test #6 will be recorded for a grade this week
    Please have one member of each family complete the Google Form about Fall Conferences.
    Happy Sunday! 
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  • SEPTEMBER 9-13
    9/9 Counseling class with Mrs. Perry
    9/10 I am a member of our school RTI committee and I will be out of the classroom on this day.

    9/11 Patriot Day, please wear Red, White, Blue 

    9/13 Boosterthon Glow Run - Parents are encouraged to attend in the gym at 10:00. (Our class voted on the team name Pinegar's Country Kids)
    9/17 Spirit Night at Panda Express 
    9/20 Scholastic Book Orders Due 
    9/23 First Quarter Progress Reports Come Home please sign and return the Progress Report in the provided folder. 
    9/27 PTA Family Movie Night at 6:0-8:30 
    10/7-10/11 Fall Break Week
    ELA Unit 1 Week 4 (you can follow along from the Wonders website) username/passwords should be in your child's red folder on a red piece of paper- username is a little different than our standard username- it must be all capital letters with 11MCS in front of the first name, initial, initial EX. 11MCSJESSICARP If your child has a highlighted first letter of their password then it must be capitalized.  
    Detailed weekly summary attached
    Math Finish Topic 2 Addition Strategies, test Monday.  Begin Topic 3 Addition Strategies
    Weekly Fluency drill will not be graded
    IXL: ELA H1, E2, 8
    IXL: Math H1-3
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  • 9/4 Boosterthon Pep Rally

    9/5 Grandparent's Day @ lunch (for 2nd 3rd and 4th grade), please plan to join us at lunch 11:40-12:10 (other grade levels will celebrate on 9/6)

    9/9: PTA Meeting and Family Reading Night 

    9/13: Boosterthon Fun Run (Parents are welcome to attend)

     9/17: Spirit Night at Panda Express 

    9/23: Progress Reports go home in Yellow Folders

     9/27: Family Movie Night from 6:30-8:30 

    10/3: Make-up Picture Day 

    10/7-10/11: Fall Break 

    ELA: Unit 1 Week 3 See Attached Overview

    MATH: Finish Topic 2 . Addition .  Test on Thursday

     Adding Three Numbers     Making 10 to Add 

    Math Fluency Practice will not be recorded for a grade this week.

    IXL ELA D1-6, Math E1-5.  IXL can be practiced @ home.  

    We have a brief snack time each day after PE, please send your child a small snack and water to drink during this time.  (NO TREE NUTS, please)Unit 1 Wk 3
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  • August 26-30

    8/26 Breakfast w/ the Principal at 8 a.m.
    8/26 Popcorn and Painting w/the Principal at Triana Library at
    6 p.m. 
    8/27 Chorus Auditions for Lion King Jr. after school
    8/28 Boosterthon Pledging Opens
    8/29 Fall Picture Day
    8/29 Watch Dog Kickoff at 6 p.m.
    8/30 Fun Friday –The last Friday of each month-free snack
    for those who attended all Fun Fridays for that month.
    8/30 Half day – Dismissal is at 11:00 - google doc coming soon with half day dismissal details
    9/2 Labor Day – No School
    9/4 Boosterthon Pep Rally

    9/5 Grandparent's Day at lunch 11:40

     ELA: Unit 1 Week 2 Spelling Rule short e, o, and u (vowel sounds) Genre: Realistic Fiction Vocabulary Strategy: Root Words  Grammar: Commands and Exclamations  Mechanics: Capitalization & Punctuation

    Vocabulary: aside, cultures, fair, invited, language, plead, scurries, share

    MATH: Topic 2 . Addition 

    Adding 0, 1, 2,   Doubles    Near Doubles     Adding in Any Order    Adding Three Numbers     Making 10 to Add 

    Math Fluency Practice will be recorded for a grade this week.  

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  • 8/23 Scholastic Book Orders due

    8/26 Breakfast w/ the principal 8 AM
    8/26 Popcorn & Painting w/ the principal 6 PM
    8/27 Lion King Jr. chorus auditions after school
    8/28 Boosterthon Pledges Open
    8/29 Fall Picture Day
    8/29 Watch Dog Kickoff at 6 PM
    8/30 Half Day, dismissal at 11:00
    9/2 Labor Day, No School
    9/4 Boosterthon Pep Rally
    This week in Math (Envision): Complete Topic 1, making addition and subtraction stories.  Review on Thursday, test on Friday.  Timed Test #2 will be subtraction, not taken for a grade. Graded papers will be coming home tomorrow, if your child has a smiley face that means they got all of the answers correct. On the math workbook pages I only grade the side that says "Practice" on the top right.  The other side is Reteaching.  If your child doesn't bring home any graded papers, that means they did not turn in their assignments to me, their name was missing, or they had incomplete portions to complete. 
    This week in ELA (Wonders): Begin Unit 1 Week 1 Genre: Fantasy Oral Vocabulary Words: awkward, outrageous, panic, relief, squawked.  Phonemic Awareness: Phoneme Blending Phonics/Spelling: short a, i.  Grammar: Sentences & Questions, Capitalizations and Punctuation.  No Reading test this week.  Spelling/Word Work will  include 5 dictation sentences that include the weekly phonics  & grammar rules.
    New this year- we are NO longer required to give each weekly Reading test, as a grade level we have agreed to test on Week 2 and Week 4 of each unit, AND we are no longer required to give the big end of Unit Tests!  
    Science: We will be planting seeds this week and learning about parts of a sunflower plant.

    Our class schedule
    2nd grade parent night notes
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  • Upcoming Events:

    8/15 2nd Grade Parent Night 5-6 (in the media center)

    8/23 Scholastic Book Orders Due 

    8/26 Breakfast with the Principal 8 AM

    8/26 Popcorn & Painting with the Principal 6 PM

    8/27 Chorus Auditions for Lion King Jr. (after school)

    8/28 Boosterthon Pledging Opens

    8/29 Fall Picture Day

    8/29 Watch Dog Kickoff 6 PM

    8/30 Half day, dismissal @ 11:00

    9/2 No School (Labor Day)

    9/4 Boosterthon Pep Rally

    We will begin practicing our Reading & Math routines this week.  Reading Unit 1 Week 1 will begin 8/19