• Members of Digital Communications were carefully selected through an application process that included a virtual audition and teacher recommendations.

    Congratulations to the 2023-2024 DigiCom Team!


    Jack House, 8th 

    Elizabeth Peterson, 8th

    Jack Phillips, 8th

    Olivia Stovall, 8th

    Maribeth Williams, 8th

    Lucas Chisgar, 7th

    Wyatt Deylius, 7th

    Ellis Dermody, 7th

    Averi Fletcher, 7th

    Hayden Broussard, 7th

    Cora Oliver, 7th

    Ethan Coleman, 6th

    Emily Griffin, 6th

    Kya Jackson, 6th

    Jennavy Le, 6th

    Lauren Ponder, 6th

    Brayden Strode, 6th

    Caroline Turner, 6th