• Accelerated Math 8 and Math 8

    Mr. Nathan Pahman 2023-2024

    Contact Me: npahman@madisoncity.k12.al.us, 256-430-0001 extension 83102

    Classroom Rules

    1. Be Respectful.
    2. Do not interfere with another student's ability to learn.
    3. Do not interfere with Mr. Pahman's ability to teach.

    CELL PHONE POLICY:  Cell phones and other digital devices must be left in the backpack.  Students may only use the phone during the designated breaks during class.

    Assignments are due at 8:00 AM on Monday mornings.  Completed late assignments will be discounted to a score of 50%. Late work will not be accepted after 1 week following the due date.

    Consequences for not following the rules and policies of the class:


    Step 1: Verbal warning

    Step 2: Student/teacher conference 

    Step 3: Parent contact/conference

    Step 4: Detention and a parent contact

    Step 5: Office referral 

    Supply List:

    3-ring binder, dry erase markers pencils, school-issued computer, headphones

    My Wish List:  I could use any snacks, pens, gift cards, etc. that could be used for prizes.  I could use good tissues and dry erase markers.


    Return this portion to the teacher:

    I have read and understand the rules and policies for Accelerated Math 8 class.


    Parent Signature______________________________________________________________


    I will comply with the rules, policies, and procedures of the class.

    Student Signature_____________________________________________________________