• Course Description:

    Modern World History(1500-Present): Patterns of Interaction correlated to the Alabama Course of Study (9th Grade) 


    Course Objectives:

    1) To learn about the past and why it is important.  2) To understand the relation of past historical significance to the present.  3) To develop refined social skills through interaction, cooperation, and discussion.  4) To understand and interpret maps, charts, diagrams, graphs, symbols, and drawings.  5) To promote the comprehension of historical learning targets with an emphasis on critical thinking.


    Classroom Expectations:

    You are expected to conduct yourself in a respectful and productive manner. In addition to all the rules and expectations listed in the student handbook, I expect you to have a positive attitude, treat others with respect, practice self-discipline, and demonstrate responsibility. If these conditions are not met, you can expect one-on-one meetings with me, parent/instructor conferencing, and administrative action, if necessary. 

    Concerning the use of cell phones and other electronic devices:

    Devices should be on silent and kept in your purse, backpack, or pocket during class unless otherwise instructed. You may not place it on your desk. Parents, guardians, and other family members should call the front office in case of emergency.

    If you violate this rule, you can expect the following consequences:

    • First offense – The phone or device will be placed in a phone chart at the front of the room. You may pick it up at the end of class.
    • Second offense – The phone or device will again be placed in a phone chart at the front of the room until the end of class and a parent/guardian will be notified.
    • Third offense – This is defiance and I will notify an administrator.

    Grading Policy:

    Major assessments will count 70 percent of your grade. Homework and classwork will account for 30 percent of your grade. Grades will be updated weekly in PowerSchools. Each grading period will consist of nine weeks. 


    Make-up Work Policy:

    Make-up tests will only be given to a student who has an excused absence. The student must make arrangements with the teacher to take a make-up test. Tests may be taken during Patriot Path with prior arrangement from each teacher.  A student only has two chances (the next two Patriot Paths after the absence) to make up a test. All make-up tests will be administered in the designated classroom on the Patriot Path session roster.

    Homework/Classwork: Students who are absent for excused reasons will be permitted to make up missed work. It is the student’s responsibility to get their work assignments the day upon return to school and complete the assignments according to a time frame determined by the teacher within two weeks of the date of the last absence. Grades of zero will be assigned for assignments missed because of unexcused absences.


    Text and Other 

    Required Reading:

    There is currently NO required reading for students aside from the course textbook.  Teacher reserves the right to make such assignments if deemed necessary and with proper/timely notice to students.


    Materials and 

    Supplies Needed:


    Turnitin Notice


    Textbook, paper, pen or pencil (no red ink!), 3 ring binder, and a positive attitude & attentive mind should be brought to class daily.  Art supplies for class projects, reports, or posters will be provided and/or requested with plenty of advanced notice.

    Concerning laptop utilization: 1.Student laptops should not be hard-wired to the network or have print capabilities. 2. Use of discs, flash drives, jump drives, or other USB devices will not be allowed on Madison City computers. 3. Neither the teacher, nor the school is responsible for broken, stolen, or lost laptops. 4. Laptops and other electronic devices will be used at the individual discretion of the teacher.

    The majority of writing assignments in this course will be submitted to Turnitin via the Schoology learning platform. Turnitin generates a report on the originality of student writing by comparing it with a database of periodicals, books, online content, student papers, and other published work. This program will help students discern when they are using sources fairly, citing properly, and paraphrasing effectively - skills essential to all academic work.

    Students will have the opportunity to review their Turnitin originality report and will have the opportunity to make revisions before submitting their work for grading. Once their work is submitted, teachers have the opportunity to view the student/s originality report and grade accordingly.

    Requests for accommodations for this course or any school event are welcomed from students and parents. 



    *This is a tentative plan and may change at the discretion of the teacher.


    18 – WEEK PLAN

    Week 1

    Chapter 15: European Renaissance

    AL Course of Study Objective = #1, #3

    Week 2

    Chapter 16: Reformation

    AL Course of Study Objectives = # 1, #3

    Week 3

    Chapter 17: Age of Exploration

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #1, #2, #4, #8

    Week 4

    Chapter 18: Conflict and Absolutism in Europe

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #5

    Week 5

    Chapter 19: Muslim Empires

    AL Course of Study Objective = #4

    Week 6

    Chapter 20: East Asian World

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #4

    Week 7

    Chapter 21: Enlightenment and Revolutions

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #5, #6

    Week 8

    Chapter 22: French Revolution and Napoleon

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #7

    Week 9

    Chapter 23: Industrialization and Nationalism

    AL Course of Study Objective = #9

    Week 10

    Chapter 24: Mass Society and Democracy

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #5, #9, #10

    Week 11

    Chapter 25: The Reach of Imperialism

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #4, #10, #11

    Week 12

    Chapter 26: Challenge and Transition in East Asia

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #4, #11

    Week 13

    Chapter 27: World War I and the Russian Revolution

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #12, #13

    Week 14

    Chapter 28: The West Between the Wars

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #11, #12, #13, #14

    Week 15

    Chapter 29: Nationalism Around the World 

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #11, #12, 13

    Week 16

    Chapter 30: World War II and the Holocaust

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #14, #15

    Week 17

    Chapter 30: World War II and the Holocaust (cont.)

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #14, #15



    Chapter 31: The Cold War

    AL Course of Study Objectives = #15, #16, #17

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