• 1st Block (8:15-9:51)

    8:15-8:45--Office hour 1

    8:45-9:51--Instruction (Student Support to follow)

    2nd Block (9:59-11:32)

    9:59-10:15--Student Support


    3rd Block (11:40-1:45)

    11:40-12:10--Office hour 2


    4th Block (1:53-3:27)


    2:50-3:27--Student Support

    Instruction--Students are encouraged to check Schoology each day at the beginning of their designated Instruction time each day.  If live Webex sessions are planned, this is when students can expect those sessions to begin.  Students can also find their remote learning assignments posted by this time each day as well.  If students cannot attend live Webex sessions, they are expected to watch the recorded video of their Block's session by the end of the day.

    Student Support--This is designated time for students in each block to ask for help either via email or by requesting private conferences (via Schoology) with the teacher.

    Office Hours--This is the designated time for students to seek support and for parents to call/email the teacher for questions and concerns.