• Welcome to the start of a new school year!  I look forward to working with you and your child.   I believe that students learn best when the teacher, student, and parents function as a team.  We share the common goal of preparing your child to become a successful and productive member of society.  Through open communication, I am confident that we can work together in a manner that will best benefit your student. Please contact me if you have questions or concerns.


    Teacher Contact Information

    Mr. Charles Sturdivant

    Room Number: 122 - Green pod

    Email: csturdivant@madisoncity.k12.al.us 


    Virtual Learning Expectations:

    1. Participation is required. Attendance will be taken daily by checking to make sure students have logged into Schoology each day.
    2. Students will be receiving grades during virtual learning. 
    3. Check grades WEEKLY on INow to keep up with students’ grades on a regular basis.
    4. Students are responsible for completing all virtual assignments, quizzes and tests. Virtual graded assignments and test grades will be entered into INow.
    5. Students are responsible for logging in through Schoology to view all materials for all lessons. Teachers will monitor your communication within our learning platform, Schoology.  All student-student communication within the Schoology platform should be specifically related to classroom assignments.  Any communication within Schoology that is not focused on the class will be addressed by your teachers. 
    6. Students need to stay up-to-date with Schoology messaging/email.
    7. Students are expected to attend the live virtual learning sessions. 
    8. We encourage students to use a device with a camera and a microphone.
    9. Students will continue to be held accountable to the Madison City Schools Code of Conduct during this time of online learning, as they would if they were attending face-to-face instruction. However, it is important to identify specific circumstances that should be highlighted when working in a digital environment. 
    10. Students are responsible for logging into each class, each day.
    11. Your parents must  sign our  Madison City Schools Acceptable Use Policy and they are responsible for your online actions. 
    12. Cyberbullying will not be tolerated and will be addressed by your teachers and your administrators. This is addressed in the Madison City Schools Code of Conduct.
    13. Do not copy work from the Internet or from your peers. This is considered plagiarism and is addressed in the Madison City Schools Code of Conduct. 
    14. Do not post your work online for others to plagiarize. This is addressed in the Madison City Schools Code of Conduct.
    15. Complete assigned work by the assigned due date. If you have questions, contact your teacher. Teachers will hold virtual office hours daily. 
    16. When participating in virtual meetings, follow these netiquette rules:
    • Be on time to your meetings.
    • Meet in a room free of distractions if possible.
    • Leave your mic on mute until you want to communicate. 
    • Be respectful of others: allow for others to speak, listen to their comments, provide your own opinions.
    • Dress appropriately for school.


    Below is a list of supplies your child will need for sixth grade math.  Please make every effort to be sure he/she has needed supplies for class.  


    2021-2022 Supply List 

    All Grade Levels


    1. Loose Leaf Paper
    2. Loose Leaf Graph Paper 
    3. 1.5”-2” 3 Ring Binder with dividers (they may use a composition notebook for Math if they prefer) 

                 (students will use this binder for both ELA and Math classes 

                 or they are welcome to buy 2 different binders - one for ELA and one for Math) 

    1. 2 sets of Tab Dividers (1 for ELA / 1 for Math)
    2. Spiral Notebook (for Social Studies)
    3. 3+ Composition Notebooks (1 for ELA / 2 for Science)
    4. 6+ Glue Sticks (Students will need at least 4 for science notebooks)
    5. 2 Two - Pocket Plastic Folders with Brads (for 6th graders only) 
    6. Scientific Calculator (TI-30XS suggested) 
    7. Colored Pencils and/or Markers
    8. Assorted Highlighters 
    9. Sticky Notes 
    10. Index Cards 
    11. Pencils / Pens 
    12. Pair of Scissors
    13. Pencils (sharpened) needed daily


    Behavior and Discipline:

    Student behavior and discipline is an important component of any classroom.  Misbehavior can be disruptive to the learning process for all children in the classroom. Therefore, each child will be held responsible for his or her own behavior. Please help us teach your child responsibility by also emphasizing the importance of the following rules.


    Classroom Rules

    Possible Consequences

    Enter class with a positive mindset for learning.

    Conference with the student

    Be in your seat when the tardy bell rings.

    Break or Lunch Detention

    Bring all books, homework, and supplies with you.

    Parent contact – by phone or e-mail

    Treat others as you want to be treated.

    Before or After School Detention on Wednesdays

    Food is not allowed in classrooms.

    Gum is not allowed at school at any time. 

    Behave in a manner conducive to learning for all.

    Show respect for yourself and others at all times.

    Follow all classroom procedures.

    Follow all rules listed in your LMS Handbook and Madison City Schools Code of Conduct.

    Parent Conference

    Administrative Referral




    ***severe disruptions or behaviors will result in an immediate administrative referral.


    Classroom Procedures:

    1. Beginning the Period: After the tardy bell rings you should be in your assigned seat.  Instructions for the Daily Check / Warm-Up will be written on the front board.
    2. Taking Roll:  I will not call out names, I will mark which desks are empty and then mark the student assigned to that seat as absent. 
    3. Sharpening Pencils/ Need Supplies: Students may sharpen pencils when they first enter the classroom. If the pencil breaks during instruction, please make sure that your child has sufficient extra pencils or a hand-held sharpener so that the classroom is not interrupted. 
    4. Leaving the Room: Students are NOT allowed to leave the room without my permission. Students will be given 4 hall passes per 9 weeks. Once you have my permission, you will fill out the student log-out sheet.  When you return, I will note the time and initial the log-out sheet.
    5. How to Label Papers:  Write the name of the assignment at the top of every page. Every time you turn in an assignment you are to write your name in the top right hand corner. Your name will be written on everything that you turn in.
    6. Turning in Papers: When you have completed an assignment you must a. label the paper with your name and block letter, b. place your paper in your class bin, c. check the Daily Agenda for your next assignment.  The Daily Agenda will always be posted on the back whiteboard.
    7. Teacher Webpage: I will post to Teacher Webpage on LMS website throughout the year. Here you will find class resources (videos, notes, homework assignments, etc.) and extra help.
    8. Tardiness: If you are tardy, this will count as a warning (first offense).  If you are tardy because of a teacher or other school related activity, then you must bring me a note when you come to class; you will not be allowed to leave the class to get a note from the teacher. 
    9. Visitors/Phone Call:  When a visitor comes into our room, continue working as if the visitor was not there. Be on your best behavior.  If the phone rings during class remain seated and quiet.  If the visitor or phone call is for you, I will let you know.
    10. Cellphones/Electronics/Etc.:  Students are NOT allowed to use electronics of any sort in the classroom without the teacher’s permission. We will use electronics sometimes, but only for learning. Any electronic, device (cell phones), etc., that is distracting you or your classmates from learning will NOT be allowed in my classroom. I do NOT mind if students have them BUT they NEED to be on silent OR turned off. With the rigor of our advanced class, I cannot be constantly disturbed while teaching and the students distracted due to cell phones going off or buzzing during instructional time. If I see a recurring pattern happening with your child after I have warned students, I will be assigning lunch detention. If it continues with the same student, after school detention will follow, and then maybe ISS.
    11. Ending the class:  The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell.  Do not pack up until I have instructed you to do so. Remain seated until I have dismissed the class. 



    All work/steps must be shown to ensure full credit on any assignment.  Without documentation showing how the problems were solved, credit may not be given, even if answers are correct.  


    Daily Grades – 40% of grade

    Daily grades will consist of homework, in-class assignments, and daily checks/exit slips.  Homework, if assigned, will be graded for completion.  In-class assignments will be graded for either completion or accuracy.  


    If your child does not turn in an assignment, it will be indicated with the letters NTN in iNow.  NTN means “not turned in,” and will be averaged as a zero.  If your child is absent, an ABS will be entered into the gradebook and count as a zero until the work is turned in (3 days to complete it per student handbook). This will appear on your end as a zero but will not be averaged towards the final grade unless it is not turned in.  If a grade is excused it will be entered as EX but may appear as a zero on a mobile device, however, it should not appear this way on a computer and will not be averaged into the final grade.


    Assessments – 60% of grade

    All unit assessments are in class, closed book and closed notes. All unit assessments must be completed during one class block.  Please see the attached Partnership Agreement explaining the mastery approach.  All assessments will be administered on our assigned math testing days, Wednesday and Friday.


    I would like to thank you for your support, and I encourage you to contact me with any questions or comments you may have. This is going to be a great year!