1. We are in this together. I'm here to guide, support and challenge you. 
      2. Become familiar with the apps that we will use (Schoology, Quizlet, Google Suite, PearDeck, Gimkit, Quizizz, EdPuzzle, EMC online textbook, etc.) 
      3. Set up a routine, so that you can receive timely feedback for your work and not fall behind.
      4. Complete the lessons in the order that they are presented to you. Skipping around will leave you with more questions than confidence. I've curated and molded these lessons with a specific order in mind so that you are always building on previous knowledge. 
      5. Communicate with me whenever you have a question. You are important to me! We will have one-on-one and small group support sessions as needed. 
      6. If you are ill, please let me know. That way I can adjust my expectations for your participation.
      7. Attend LIVE sessions as often as possible.
      8. When in the LIVE session, be sure to...
        • Dress appropriately
        • Refrain from eating
        • Mute your mic, but leave your camera on so that I can see you.
        • Have materials ready: paper, pencil/pen, assignments, etc.
        • Be patient
        • Participate
      9. Expect that you will record yourself on a regular basis working on speaking tasks. Your face must be present in the video. 
      10. You will maintain academic integrity.
        • You will complete your work on your own.
        • You will not use Google Translate or any other online translators.
        • You will not depend on someone else who knows Spanish to do your work for you. 
      11. You must trust that I am guiding you through a learning process that is messy and imperfect with lots of mistakes in it. I will be grading your performance based on your level of proficiency and task completion. 
      12. Remember, this is all for you, your future, and your life. You decide how your experience will go. No one else.