• Welcome to our Virtual Open House! I am excited to be your teacher this year.  I have put a few things together to help you get to know me and what class will be like. 

    Let's begin by getting to know each other. I will introduce myself first. Below you will find a link to a presentation I have made to help you get to know me. Please take your time exploring it, then fill out the form to give me a little information about you. 

  • Now that you know a little about me, it's time to learn what class will be like. Check out the general information, Flipped learning, and your course page for more information. The general information page contains my schedule, supply lists, and more. I use flipped learning in my classes. The Flipped learning page will introduce you to this concept, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of flipped learning, and give you helpful hints about how to make flipped learning work well for you.