• Hello young people,

    It is going to be a strange year for sure.  You all are enrolled in a class where I would usually only talk about 3-5 minutes at the top of class and then I'd say, "Let's get to work."  Then we'd move to the scene shop or the stage and start brainstorming, sketching, designing, cutting, drilling, screwing, painting, assembling, glueing, & prepping for our next show.

    This semester we will not have any plays because of COVID, so our class will look different.  It will also look different because it is a VIRTUAL class right now.

    However, even though we are VIRTUAL, we're still gonna have fun.  I'm going to try and task you with a number of hands on projects that will enliven your senses and spark your creativity.  We are all artists, some of you just might not realize it yet.

    Technical Theatre folks want to be part of the action, but they don't want to be onstage.  Technicians are the backbone of live performances, and if you enjoy live music, live theatre, or even shows/movies on TV...there is a lot for you to learn from participating in this class.  I will try to give you the basics of technical theatre with the hopes that you can soon return to the theatre and get to work.

    The main thing I have to say about TECH is, I'm working on helping you develop a strong work ethic.  I want students who embrace challenges & solving problems.  We'll work on design in this class, but we'll also work on a number of projects that will introduce you to technical theatre ideas and theories.


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