• In Beginning Acting we will lay the groundwork for the young performer to understand acting for the stage.  The process is not centered so much on developing professional actors, but instead is focused on helping students overcome the fear of being in front of their peers while performing.  The class will focus on the study of scripts, how to break scripts up into beats, how to analyze a character, develop blocking (physicality of the character), and fully interpret a role onstage.  We will also spend some time writing short scripts so students can delve into creating their own stories/scenes for the stage.  Generally we would have an end of semester showcase for parents and the public to come see, but we will not be doing any shows this semester due to COVID.  Assuming we return to class IN PERSON, we will have a small showcase of our work here at the school for a small audience during class time towards the end of the semester.  This class is designed to help students gain confidence, self-worth & hopefully allow opportunities & study in how to work with other students within a creative setting.




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