• *Flight 1920 Yearbooks

    When a yearbook arrival date and a plan for distribution and additional sales become available, that information will be posted on Twitter and Instagram @jcjetsyearbook, so please follow us on social media. The information will also be added here and sent out as a School Messenger. 

    August Update from Lifetouch

    September Update: Lifetouch still can't give us an approximate delivery date.


    *Class of 2021

    Remember to call 256-461-0827 to schedule your appointment for your senior yearbook pictures with Greg Machen Photography.

    Deadline to be photographed is Friday, October 2. Contact your Class of 2021 counselor, Ms. Rosalyn Smith, if you need assistance. 

    If you have had these portraits taken and viewed them, remember to contact their studio with your yearbook selection.
    Seniors only: personalized yearbook and full-page ad, $300
    Seniors only: personalized yearbook and half-page ad, $200
    Seniors only: full-page ad only, $235; half-page ad only, $135; quarter-page ad only, $75
    Purchase here, under Miscellaneous Fees and Items!
    *Flight 2021 Yearbooks
    All students: personalized yearbook, $90
    All students: non-personalized yearbook, $85
    Purchase here, under Miscellaneous Fees and Items!
    *personalized= student's name printed on the cover