• Schedule Change

    Schedule Change Information (This document can be downloaded if you have trouble reading the information above.)

    AP & Honors Courses:

    • Once selected, AP and Honors courses cannot be dropped without administrator approval (choose wisely).

    We take a lot of time to develop our master schedule and balance classes to accommodate you based on the selections you make in the spring, so PLEASE choose wisely. Look at the course descriptions and schedule an appointment with your counselor if needed.


    Students, off blocks are provided to Juniors and Seniors who are taking an online class or are participating in a 5th block sport such as soccer, track, or bowling ONLY . In order to receive an off block, you must:

    • be enrolled in an online course or approved sport
    • have transportation because YOU CANNOT remain on campus during that time
    • be on track for graduation


    It is your responsibility to ensure you have received and turned in the appropriate paperwork in a timely manner to your counselor. Paperwork for dual enrollment can be obtained from the counseling office. Please be sure to follow up with your counselor prior to the semester starting if you plan to dual enroll. Remember, after the paperwork has been submitted all other correspondance will come from the college. 

    You must have the following to dual enroll:

    20 on the ACT 

    3.0 GPA