• The U.S. 2020 Census is about to get under way.
    Here is some useful information about it including a national website.

    1: How to respond when census forms start being sent out mid-late March
    2. Why does the Census matter?
    3. How will the 2020 Census benefit schools?

    Each decade, a census is conducted for a count of every person living (both adults and children) across the United States. Not only is it a requirement by the Constitution, it’s very important to states and communities because so much funding is tied to population. The census affects education, food, public safety, transportation, health care, housing assistance etc.

    Madison City Schools urges participation from everyone. So much rides on having everyone counted including educational funding in programs like Head Start, Title 1 Grants, Special Education, Student Loans, Pell Grants…the list goes on.
    Alabama’s apportionment in Congress also hinges on the population count. The state could very well lose a congressional seat if our population is undercounted. More U.S. Representatives in Washington means more access to grant funding and other vital federal programs that benefit Alabama schools.

    The census will launch April 1. Please do your part and not ignore it. You can learn more following Alabama Counts on Twitter @AlabamaCounts, on Facebook as “AlabamaCounts” and Instagram as “alabamcounts.” Use the hashtag #AlabamaCounts on social media to help make sure everyone in the community knows the importance of having everyone counted.

    Important Dates:
    March 12-20: An invitation to respond online to the census will be mailed to all households.
    March 16-24: Reminder letter to respond online will be sent.
    March 25-April 3:  Reminder postcard will be mailed.
    April 8-16: Reminder letter and paper questionnaire will be mailed.
    April 20-27: Final reminder postcard will be mailed before a followup in person.