Course Description:

    6th and 7th Grade Students 

    Fee: $10 

    6th grade students are required to take at least one 9 weeks of this survey
    course and have the option of taking additional 9 weeks, up to a year.
    This course, comprised of French, German, Latin, and Mandarin languages,
    will involve listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills involving familiar topics. 
    Students will understand and respond to simple expressions.
    They will write using learned vocabulary and experience an introduction
    to each of the languages that they will explore during the survey.  

    Additional information for this course can be found on the Alabama Department of education website. https://www.alsde.edu/sec/sct/COS/2017%20World%20Languages%20COS.pdf#search=state%20standards%20world%20languages 


    Course Objectives:

    • Pronounce the phonetic symbols and sounds in German  
    • Talk about time, date, and day of the week 
    • Introduce self in German 
    • Use simple daily conversations in German  with colleagues 
    • Perform role-play of given situation in German 

    Classroom Expectations:

    1. Listen with the intent to understand.
    2. One person speaks and the others listen.
    3. Sit up... Squared shoulders... Clear eyes. 
    4. Support the flow of language.
      Support the process of problem-solving.
    5. If the teacher is not clear, tell him/her. 
    6. Do your 50%. 
    7. Actors and Artists – synchronize your actions with my words. 
    8. Nothing on desks unless told otherwise. 

    Requests for accommodations for this course or any school event are welcomed from students and parents.

    Concerning laptop use:

    1. Student laptops should not be hard wired to the network or have print capabilities.

    2. Use of discs, flash drives, jump drives, or other USB devices will not be allowed on Madison City computers.

    3. Neither the teacher, nor the school is responsible for broken, stolen, or lost laptops.  

    4. Laptops and other electronic devices will be used at the individual discretion of the teacher.  


    Grading Policy:

    Test grades will account for 60% of the 9-weeks grade,
    with the remaining 40% being determined by quiz/daily grades. 
    The grading scale is as follows:
    A (90-100), B (80-89), C (70-79), D (65-69), and F (below 65).
    Grades will be a reflection of mastery of the standards. 
    Make sure all absences are excused as class work
    can be made up and graded for excused absences only. 


    Make-up Test Policy:

    Make up Policy- After an excused absence, it is the student’s responsibility
    to obtain and complete makeup assignments in a timely manner. 
    All lesson plans are posted each week for the students to check after an absence.  

    Homework will be posted on GOOGLE CLASSROOM  

    Use this code to access the page: ebv6rne


    Homework should be completed and turned in the next day (except for extended absences). 
    Tests, quizzes, and oral activities should be made up on Friday mornings at
    7:15 in Room 112
    or after school
    when offered. Students are encouraged to be prompt
    in order to complete the work by 8:00 am. 
    (All tests will be taken up at that time)



    Exploring German, ISBN: 978-0-82194-041-9


    Materials and Supplies Needed:

    • 2 ½” binder with dividers
    • Pencils 
    • Blue or black ink pens
    • Highlighters (optional)
    • Colored pencils or markers, optional

    Course Outline:


    Give name




    Numbers 0-20


    Countries/Where I’m from






    Places in a city

    Simple directions 

    Restaurant/snack stand