• These are the required items for 8th grade science when meeting FACE TO FACE AT LMS:

    2 composition notebooks (very important) - These must be composition notebook instead of spiral because the pages do not come out.

    Pencils/ pens - I do prefer pencils but I allow pens as well. If you use mechnical pencils you may want to have extra lead on hand.

    Glue sticks - We use a lot of glue in class. I will provide liquid glue but students may prefer glue sticks. You can give your glue sticks to me if you don't want to keep up with them.


    This is what would be required or helpful for VIRTUAL LEARNING FROM HOME:

    Reliable computer access with the ability to use Schoology and WebEx is required for virtual learning.

    Metric ruler - We use it a lot at the start of the year and occassionaly throughout the semester.

    Calculator - A simple 4 function calculator is helpful. You may use the same one from math class but our needs will be very basic.

    Printer- You may prefer to print worksheets to write on but it will not be required. All work can be completed and submitted digitally, including the notebook.

    Some simple lab materials - We will try to do some labs at home with simple items from around the house like a thermometer, salt, sugar, clear glasses, etc.