• 2020-2021 Supply List 

    All Grade Levels


    *The items written in red are those specifically needed in Mrs. Pepper's classes*


    Loose Leaf Paper

    Loose Leaf Graph Paper

    1 ½ inch (or bigger) three-ring binder (students will use this binder for both ELA and Math classes or they are welcome to buy 2 different binders - one for ELA and one for Math)

    2 sets of Tab Dividers (1 for ELA / 1 for Math)

    Spiral Notebook (for Social Studies)

    3+ Composition Notebooks (1 for ELA / 2 for Science)

    6+ Glue Sticks (Students will need at least 4 for science notebooks)

    2 Two - Pocket Plastic Folders with Brads (for 6th graders only)

    Scientific Calculator (TI-30XS suggested)

    Colored Pencils and/or Markers

    Assorted Highlighters

    Sticky Notes

    Index Cards

    Pencils / Pens

    Pair of Scissors


    *PreAP World History Supply List - see Mrs. Breeden’s webpage 

    **Since we have such a wide variety of electives, please look at the teacher websites for needed materials once you receive your schedule.