Special Education Information

  • Special Education General Information


    -  Referral for Consideration for Special Education Evaluations- If a parent, teacher, or school staff have concerns regarding a child’s progress or development, please communicate concerns with the school. I encourage parent-teacher conferences and consider RTI (response to intervention) plans as initial action. At any time, a parent, teacher, or school can make a referral for a child to be considered for a special education evaluation by expressing this desire to the administration, teachers, or special education staff.

    - IEP (Individualized Education Program) and Evaluation Processes- All decisions made during the referral, eligibility, and IEP processes are team meetings with team decisions. The team includes the family, teachers, administration, and special education staff. The team discusses the student’s strengths and areas of concerns. A plan of action is developed as a team, which could include evaluations and/or development of an IEP.

    -Additional Special Education Information is on the Madision City School home page. 

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