• Supply List

    • 3 Ring Binder
    • Loose Leaf College Rule Paper
    • Graph Paper
    • Pencils - Pens are not allowed
    • Scientific Calculator (No cell phones can be used as calculators) 


    Lets talk CALCULATORS!!!!

    Every year students ask me if they can use thier cell phones as a calculator in my class. While, the main and obvious reason is, becuase I can not tell if students are using a calculator or texting from a distance, the real reason is a really good one. :)

    As you know, in todays society students are required to take standardize test.  Cell phones are prohibited on ALL of them including the End of Course Test for Algebra I, ACT and SAT.  Therefore, I believe it is important for students to know how to correctly use a calculator and how to make sure the answer they are getting is a feasible solution.  This is only doable if they are using the same calculator on a daily basis in class.  So it is for this reason students will not be allowed to use their cell phone in class. 

    We will be using Scientific Calculators and over the years I have discovered some are more user friendly than others.  My two favorite are listed below:

    Calculator Recommendations:

    Casio: FX-115ES Plus 

    Texas Instrament: TI30X-II5