New Employee Contract Packet

  • If you have signed a contract with Madison City Schools and have been asked to complete a ‘New Contract Packet’ you will need to provide the following with your contract:

    Valid Driver’s License & Social Security Card, Background Check, I-9, W-4,   A-4, Direct Deposit Form (must attach a voided check), Page 3 of New Health Insurance Market Place Form.

    All Extended Day employees also need to complete the Extended Day form.

    Background check info: If you already hold an AL Substitute License, AL Teaching Certificate OR have previously had a background check with the State Department of Education, you must attach a copy to this packet, you can search for this using the following link: ALSDE Certificate Search

    Anyone who has not previously completed a background check with the AL Department of Education, please go to the Gemalto website to register for the criminal background check and fingerprinting. Applicants are responsible for their own registration. Make sure you print and take the registration receipt to the fingerprinting site. Changes to incorrect registration data MAY be corrected online prior to fingerprint submission. Information incorrectly entered during registration and submitted during fingerprinting CANNOT be corrected and is the responsibility of the applicant. The fee is $48.15 and may be paid during online registration using a debit or credit card. Applicants must bring a valid picture ID to the fingerprinting site. You must attach the proof of transaction receipt from the Gemalto fingerprinting site to this packet.

    Anyone completeing the Background Check as a minor under the age of 19 must submit the Parent Consent Form to the school along with their packet.