• Welcome to the Bob Jones Running Club!

    This is a club designed to get you outdoors and in the fresh air for an hour or so and preferrably with a friend or two! 

    You decide how much you want to do - run some, walk some - run the entire hour - walk (and chat) the entire hour. It's up to you. I've had students come in order to train for a specific event like a half marathon, to add to their current training for a particular sport, to come to meet new folks and make new friends, or to simply have some time to hang out with current friends surrounded by fresh air and sunshine.

    There are no fees. The only requirement is a signed parent/guardian permission form in order to run. Just wear appropriate clothing to run in and bring water so you can stay hydrated. 

    All are welcome. 

    See me, Mrs. Schwartz, in room S117 for forms. 

    Running Schedule 

    4:15-5:15 Tuesday  & Thursday - Dublin Park meeting in the parking lot by Kid's Kingdom 

    Click here for a copy of the permission form. Permission Form