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1.  School Messenger - To receive important school and district emails (including emergency notices), ensure your email address is correct in InformationNOW (INow).  To verify this information, you will need to log in to iNow (see directions in item #2 below).  If you need your PIN slip with username and password information again, please contact your school registrar.  Note:  INow does not allow you to view Parent/Contact phone information; the school registrar can assist as needed with phone updates.

2.  Madison City Schools Web Portal & InformationNOW (iNow) (updated 8/2014)- Madison City Schools is pleased to provide student access to assignments and grades.
Accessing iNow data is a two-step process.  Click on the link above to access the Web Portal login screen where you will gain access to the InformationNOW login page. 
Note:  Please ensure that you add the portal to your browser's "Trusted Sites" by whitelisting https://*
Within the first few weeks, schools send home "Pin slips" with login directions for InformationNOW.

New Users - For ease of use, it is recommended that you create your WebPortal and InformationNOW accounts using the same credentials.   

Note:  Registration should be done from a computer and not a mobile device.

Returning users - Web portal usernames and passwords carry over from year to year.  Your username for INow also carries over, but INow passwords do not carry over and are reset each year.

To assist you -

Note:  Assignments inInformationNOW should only be used as a guide; best practice is for students to write class assignments in a planner.  If assignments are not showing in InformationNOW, please contact the teacher. Teachers may modify, add, delete or change the pace of assignments as listed in InformationNOW.

3.   School Zones - visit the School Zones link in the left navigational bar.

4.  Who to contact For assistance - In order to better serve you, please follow the established protocol in the order listed below.  Please address your concern to the first person on the list.  If your concern is not addressed, move to the next person.  Thank you in advance.