Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Madison Elementary deemed safe after gas leak from nearby repair

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Madison Elementary school was temporarily evacuated today after a gas odor was detected.

Students were allowed to return after police and fire inspected the building and determined the leak came from an outside source.

The investigation found that a utilities work crew responding to a water leak on Sullivan Street accidentally ruptured the gas line during the repairs. Authorities believe odor from that breach wafted into the school, causing the evacuation.

School busses were sent to transport the children to nearby Bob Jones High School auditorium but that was unnecessary after officials deemed the school safe. Children were returned to the building around 9:30 after it was ventilated and determined to be completely safe.

School officials had NotifyMe posts prepared to send to parents but delayed them when information quickly began coming in that the gas leak was not connected to the school and that repair crews had shut off the gas.

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