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BJ Band Gets Inspirational Talk by Pearl Harbor Survivor Before Band's Pearl Harbor Trip

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The Bob Jones High School Band is taking its musical talents to Hawaii to perform in Pearl Harbor Day activities this week.
Band members went through final preparations Monday with a special sendoff from a Pearl Habor survivor.
Sherwin Callander, 97, spoke briefly with the band about the carnage he saw at Pearl Harbor while serving in the Navy. Callander makes his home in Madison and has a great grandson who played in the BJHS Patriot Band.
Student shaking hands with WWII Vet Sherin Callander
WWII Vet/Pearl Harbor Survivor Sherwin Callander with Bob Jones band member before their trip to Hawaii

"It's hard to believe how much destruction there was," he recalled of the Pearl Harbor massacre. Callander reminded students that the servicemen who died there weren't much older than them. America would be much different today if not for the men and women of the military who serve and continuously defend our country, he said.   
"They call us heroes who came back. We're not heroes. The heroes are the ones buried in the graveyards" who gave their life fighting for this country.

Mr. Callander urged students to thank a veteran, police officer and anyone else in uniform, whenever they get a chance. He said is proud of the band for going to Pearl Harbor representing Madison and the state of Alabama.
Students remained very attentive during Callander's speech. Many went up to him afterward to shake his hand or give him a hug. Band members worked hard all year raising money for the trip.
The James Clemens band had the privilege of marching in London's New Years Day parade a year ago.
Links to local TV coverage of Mr. Callander's visit with the band are below:   



WZDX Fox 54:

WWII Vet Sherwin Callander speaking to crowd of band members
WWII Vet Sherwin Callander addressing Bob Jones Band before their trip to Pearl Harbor

Band members with instruments practicing
Band Director Leigh Thomas directing band practice before their trip to Hawaii

WWII Vet Sherwin Callander with Band Assistant Director Kevin Smart
WWII Vet Sherwin Callander with Bob Jones Assistant Band Director Kevin Smart


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