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Madison Schools Transportation Workers Honored With Appreciation Meal

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Madison City Schools honored bus drivers and other transportation employees with an appreciation breakfast in recognition of national and state School Bus Safety Week Oct. 16-20.
Madison City Schools Superintendent Robby Parker thanked the workers and told them they are a vital part of Madison City Schools. “If I don’t show up, people might ask for a few days, ‘where is Mr. Parker?’ but everything will go on as usual. If you don’t show up, we don’t start schools. The most important person in the district is not the superintendent or assistant superintendent. Our bus drivers, teachers, custodians and cafeteria workers are really the most important.”
Bus drivers line up for breakfast in serving line
Madison Police Chief David Jernigan, Police Sgt. Jordan, and Assistant Schools Superintendent Eric Terrell joined Mr. Parker as guests at the appreciation breakfast.
Madison City Schools transports approximately 5,000 students daily to its 11 schools, logging a combined 723,000 miles annually including field trips and athletic events. Mechanics stay busy maintaining the fleet to make sure buses are safe and in good operation.
Statewide, buses transport 374,000 children each day to Alabama Public Schools.
MCS Transportation Director Roosevelt Carter said drivers, mechanics and route specialists are where the rubber meets the road in school bus safety. “We take our role very seriously in ensuring that we deliver kids to school and home safely, as well as to field trips and extra curricular events. We love doing this, but we need the combined help of school staffs, students, parents, police and others in the community. Even one accident would be too many.”
Information on the district bus system can be found in this link:

Schoolbus drivers in serving line inside the Bus Garage

Sgt, Roberts, Police Chief David Jernigan, obby Parker, Roosevelt Carter, Eric Terrell pose in Bus Garage with drivers, mechanicsin background
Sgt. Jordan, Chief Jernigan, Supt. Parker, Transportation Dir. Carter,
Assistant Supt. Terrell





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