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*More School and District-Specific Student Achievement Reports Available at www.alsde.edu,
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2017 Graduates is 432 for Bob Jones and 418 for James Clemens. Call Central Office for other years. 2016 ACT Scores Bob Jones 24, James Clemens 23, state average  23.5.
Call Central Office for graduation data. 2016 graduation rate is 97 percent
National Merit Finalists for District equals 25 in 2017; 31 in 2016 and 25 in 2015.
Per pupil expenditure for Madison district is 9.3 million for 2016
revenues for fiscal year 2018 budget call Central Office General Fund Fiscal Year 2018 budget, call Central Office
Call Central Office for Per Pupil Revenues table for 2016 Call Central Office for per pupil expenditures table for 2016
Degrees in Central Office for personnel is 67 percent masters, 18 percent doctorate, 15 percent E.D.S. National Board Certified for District for 2017-18 is 2.5 percent.
Student attendance rate for district is 95.8 percent for 2014-15. Teacher attendance rate per school chart. Call Central Office for numbers.
Student attendance chart per school. Call Central Office. Chart o student attendance per secondary school. Call Central Office for numbers.
Table showing percent of students on free and reduced lunch. Call Central Office for numbers. Chart of average time on busses. Call Central Office for numbers.
Graph showing percent of military children in Madison schools. Call Central Office for numbers.


For district and school reports as provided by the Alabama State Department of Education, visit their website.

Choose "Madison City" from the System drop-down menu.  At Select a School, choose "Entire System" for district information or click on the name of the school of your choice.  The page will reload with reports sorted by year and named by type.

Reports posted on the site may include profile reports, financial reports, AHSGE (Alabama High School Graduation Exam) reports, ADAW (Alabama Direct Assessment of Writing) scores, AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) reports, SAT-10 (Stanford Achievement Test version 10) scores, and ARMT (Alabama Reading and Mathematics Test) scores.

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