Name & Position Contact Info
Mrs. Heather  Donaldson
Chief Academic Officer
256-464-8370  Ext:10351
Mrs. Natalia  Dooley
Federal Programs Coordinator
Mr. Robert  Lipinski
Coordinator of Auxiliary Services
256-464-8370  Ext:10239
Mr. Daniel  Whitt
Coordinator of Instructional Technology
Mrs. Mollie  Bounds
Instructional Specialist for Elementary Innovations and Initiatives
Mrs. Sharon  G. Powell
Secondary Instructional Specialist
256-464-8370  Ext:10238
Mrs. Kate  Wade
Math/ Teacher
Mrs. Cindy  Davis
Grant Administrator
256-464-8370  Ext:10350
Ms. Sheila  Roberts
College & Career Advisor
256-772-2547 ext. 80424 256-216-5313 ext. 95013
Mrs. Misty  Schikner
Secretary for Instruction
256-464-8370  Ext:10360
Summer  Williams
HIPPY Coordinator/Bookkeeper for Instruction
256-464-8370  Ext:10361