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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the deadline to register for Options Open classes?

The deadline to register for Options Open courses for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:

JCHS: March 10, 2017

BJHS: March 31, 2017

Can you take multiple Options Open classes?

Freshmen can take one Options Open course per academic year.  Summer school is not considered part of the academic year.  Sophomores, juniors, and seniors can take two Options Open courses per academic year in any combination of online, blended, or face-to-face.

What are the benefits of taking an Options Open class?

After many months of surveys, brainstorming, and direct communication with teachers, students, and parents, Madison City Schools has arrived at a collection of non-traditional scheduling opportunities to benefit a vast array of life/learning situations.  Some students will find that taking a 9-week course online frees them up to take what they want/need during the regular school day.  Some may find that they are liberated to take art, band, athletics, etc. more readily alongside the other courses they want and need.  Some students may find that they are able to make it to an afternoon job on time.  It is even feasible that a student could graduate early.

Who will teach the online courses offered in Options Open?

All Options Open courses--including the online courses--will be taught by Madison City Schools certified personnel.

How frequently will the summer school  government and economics class meet online or is it like a self-paced BYU online course?

The online government/economics class (like all Options Open online courses) will have an expectation of significant engagement 5 days per week.  That does not mean a “scheduled” meeting but rather a significant amount of peer- and teacher-communication, assignment completion, and other teacher-decided tasks at the time of day that works best for you.  There will be an initial face-to-face meeting as well as a final face-to-face meeting with a potential midterm meeting.

Due to the options, if all graduation requirements are met and you are taking Zero Block or dual enrollment courses, can you leave school early?

Yes, students may go home early.  Furthermore, there are multiple situations in which a student may not come to school until later in the morning because of a 5th block class and/or an online course.  Options Open is about you and your life as much as it is about your academics.

If an online course that I wish to take is only being offered at the “other” high school, can I take that course?  i.e. A James Clemens student wishes to take a Bob Jones-only online offering.

This situation will be handled at the school level between counselors and administration.  See your guidance counselor if you have a specific request.

What is the new registration deadline?

The deadline to register for Options Open next school year is Monday, April 20th.  Students may bring traditional registration materials or a detailed and signed parent note to their first block teacher by 8:30 Monday morning.  See your school administration or counselors for further details.  However, summer school registration for Madison City Schools students is in person May 4th - May 6th at your high school.  Summer school registration information is available on your school’s web site or through your counselor.

What is the class size limit for online and Zero Block classes?  How many are needed for the class to make?

The class ceiling for online courses is 45.  The ceiling for Zero Block and blended is the same as a traditional face-to-face class.  The minimum for a class to make will be decided by your school administration.

Will transportation be a case-by-case scenario?  

Madison City Schools will not be providing transportation for these new non-traditional scheduling opportunities at this time.

Say that a senior must take a sophomore to school and the sophomore is not taking a Zero Block class.  Will the doors be open for that sophomore?

Accommodations will be made in a situation like this.  Details will be decided at the school level.

Does an online class cost extra money like a BYU class?

Online courses will incur the same fees as their face-to-face counterparts.  No more.  The only exception is a summer school course.  Summer school fees are decided at the school level and are  collected during summer school registration May 4th - May 6th.  Details can be found in the brochure on your high school's website.

Will a 9-week class like government be 9 weeks online?

Yes, a 9-week course face-to-face will translate to a 9-week course online.  A semester face-to-face course will translate to a semester online course.

When will a student know if the Options Open class they signed up for is going to be f2f, blended, or online?

School administrators are already hard at work designing their master schedules.  Your school will let you know as soon as possible.

If you sign up for a Zero Block blended learning class but it is determined that it will be a different option (f2f, online only), can you drop it?

Yes.  Once the specific classes "make," the school will give enrolled students an agreement tailored to the type of class for which he or she has registered.  At that time, students will be informed of the withdrawal procedure.

If I take a Zero Block course, can I still be in clubs that meet in the morning?

Unfortunately there is no way to avoid this potential situation.  The student and/or parent should have a conversation with the sponsor of the club in hopes of finding a way for that student to participate in the club.

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