Madison City Schools has made quite a push with digital portfolios for our students, but we're never done! From the integration into our high school curriculum through our Career Prep courses to our efforts to impact every child at the elementary schools, we are on the path to a K-12 initiative to effect all students in our district. The simple conceptual through-line of "Show Then Reflect" allows us to scale the idea of digital portfolios easily for any grade level.

Digital Portfolios - The Whole Child, The Whole Story

In Madison City Schools, we believe in sharing our best work with the world to help inspire others to find new and innovative ways to impact the lives of students. We are proud to offer all of our lesson plans, outlines, handouts, and other resources in this ready-to-use free Google Drive folder. We hope you get some great use out of its contents!

We have also completed the full-length documentary intended to accelerate the understanding and adoption of digital portfolios inside--and hopefully well beyond--our district. At just under 40 minutes, it is designed to be watched by entire faculties, education majors, and whole classes prior to beginning the process. 


Digital Portfolio Database

Students and teachers in our district can now access our Digital Portfolio Database to browse, search, and add entries. 

  • The portfolio database was custom-created through a wonderful partnership with Patel Technologies Corporation. If you represent a school district looking for a similar solution, we know you'll be pleased with a solution from Sandy Patel and Patel Technologies Corporation.