Madison City School Board Policy Manual
2015-2016 Madison City Schools Policy Committee.
2015-2016 Madison City Schools Policy Committee.

The City of Madison Board of Education is guided by the policies presented within this web site. The organization for these policies closely follows the model established by the Alabama Association of School Boards. The provided links will guide the reader to the various sections of the policy manual and to the procedures that guide the implementation of these policies.




Policy - Table of Contents

Preface and Definitions

I. Governing Principles

II. School Board Operations

III.  Fiscal Management

IV.  General Administration

V.  Personnel

VI.  Students

VII.  Instructional Program



Complete Policy Manual for 2016-2017

Code of Student Conduct 2016-2017


Title IX Policy and Procedure

On the Job Injury Packet

Board of Adjustments Claim Form

MCS Accident Report

MCS Property Damage Report

Student Grievance Form

Employee Grievance Form

Notice Regarding Release of Directory Information

Live Work in Career/Technical Program Procedure

Safety Instruction for Career/Technical Education Procedure

Dispute Resolution Procedure for Homeless, Migratory, Immigrant, and Limited English Proficient Students

Reconsideration Procedure (Challenged Instructional Material)

Request Form for Reconsideration of Materials