Documents and Resources
Alabama Interagency Autism Coordinating Council

Presentation by the State Autism Coordinator, Anna McConnell, LCSW, MPH.

Autism - Making Connections

Power Point presentation from Making Connections regarding Autism.

Bell Curve

Glossary of Terms

Interpretest - Summary of Test Scores used in Assessments

Parent Involvement in Language Development

To assist parents with development of language skills for their children.

Flow Charts
Initial Referral Flow Chart

All new referrals and students transferring from another state will follow this process.

Reevaluation for Eligibility Flow Chart

Students receiving services in Madison City Schools and students tranferring from within Alabama will follow this process.

Reevaluation for IEP Changes Flow Chart

Changes that need to be made to the IEP but will not affect eligibility criteria will follow this process.

Auburn Transition Leadership Institute


Transfer of Parental Rights

Helpful Websites
Alabama State Department of Education

Council for Exceptional Children

Lakeshore Foundation - Helping People with Disabilities

Military Child Education Coalition

National Association of School Psychologists

State Performance Plan/Annual Preformance Report

Offers a description of each indicator reviewed in accordance with Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

To view Madison City's performance on these indicators, please click here.